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How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost in Omaha, Papillion & Nearby?

Garage Floor Coating Price Guide

It makes sense to ask what garage flooring costs. After all, everyone wants to get the most value for their money.

Well, we heard you. So we've put together the following information to help you better understand what premium polyaspartic garage flooring costs, why it costs what it does and, perhaps most importantly, what makes us different from everyone else.

Based on our experience, for a premium polyaspartic floor coating, you can expect to spend approximately:

1-Car Garage

A one car garage before polyaspartic floor coating A one car garage after polyaspartic floor coating

200 square feet

Cost: $1,200 - $1,600

2-Car Garage

A two car garage before polyaspartic floor coating A two car garage after polyaspartic floor coating

400 square feet

Cost: $2,600 - $3,000

3-Car Garage

A three car garage before polyaspartic floor coating A three car garage after polyaspartic floor coating

600 square feet

Cost: $4,000-$4,400

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What factors affect the price?

Simply put, the price of a flooring installation will vary because no two garages are alike. So, here are some things that can affect the cost of coating your garage floor.

  • Size — The bigger the garage, the more product we need to apply. This is usually the biggest pricing factor.
  • Condition — If your garage's concrete floor needs to be repaired before we coat it, it can affect the price.
  • Moisture — If moisture is penetrating your slab from the soil below, it can make it difficult for a successful install.
  • Stairs & Apron — If we're coating more than just the main garage floor, that can up the price a bit, too.

You can see that because every garage is different, every installation will be too. The important thing is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Garage Gurus to discuss your dream garage needs. After you're done, you won't get an estimate — you'll get an exact quote, in writing, down to the penny.

"Why shouldn't I go with a cheaper option?"

Short answer? You get what you pay for. Long answer: It's actually less expensive and less hassle in the long run to spend a little bit more for a 100 percent polyaspartic coating. But let's look at the three most common alternatives.

  • Epoxy Coatings — A professionally installed polyaspartic floor coating can last up to four or five times longer than an epoxy coating. In fact, epoxy floor coatings have been known to deteriorate in just a few years or even months. And when epoxies go bad, they're expensive to remove and fix the right way. Not to mention they look really terrible.
  • Polyurea Coatings — Polyaspartics are a type of polyurea that's been formulated for a prolonged cure time. This reduces viscosity, making it easier to install and allowing it to bond better with the concrete beneath it. This formulation also makes polyaspartics UV resistant. So, if a company is offering a polyurea coating, it's likely not polyaspartic — otherwise they'd say so. And if it's not polyaspartic, it will be difficult to install successfully, leading to possible deterioration, and will likely yellow over time.
  • Hybrid Polyaspartic Coatings — A hybrid application uses an epoxy base coat to save money and a clear polyaspartic top coat for its durability and UV-resistance. While it's better than a pure epoxy or polyurea floor, a hybrid coating won't completely become one with the surface beneath it like a polyaspartic coating does. That's why only a 100% polyaspartic base and top coat can provide decades of both great looks and lasting adhesion.

Basically, Grandma was right. It's better to spend a little more up front and buy something just once. Not only is this better for the planet, reducing what ends up in our landfills and our atmosphere, it costs less in the long run.

Have a look at this simple chart. It'll give you some idea as to why polyaspartic costs a little bit more up front but ends up being a much better value over time.

Polyaspartic Flooring vs. Other Garage Floor Coating Options

  Ours Epoxy DIY
New Look
Easy to Clean
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Environmentally Friendly
Professional Finish
1-Day Installation
24-Hour Return to Service
Resists Peeling
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Won't Yellow

What makes us different.

This point sometimes crops up as a question: "What's the catch?" So it's a good time to note the only real downside of polyaspartic floor coatings is they can be really tricky to install properly.

A successful installation requires a crew with a lot of experience. It also requires the use of specialized industrial equipment most general contractors don't have. But as you've probably guessed by now, we have both the experience and equipment to do the job right. After all, transforming garages is what we do. In fact, it's all we do.

To put it another way, if you're looking to install a garage floor coating once, rather than every few years, polyaspartic is the right choice for you.

Lastly, if you love taking quizzes, here is one you can take that'll help give you some additional information on what makes us different while giving you the peace of mind of knowing you're making the right decision.

What is the current condition of your garage floor?

Bare concrete itself is dirty and ugly. You already know that, which is why you are looking to improve it. Is it cracked, pitted, flaking or crumbling? If so, there will be some additional costs to repair it prior to applying the garage floor coating.

Do you know what the moisture content below your concrete slab is?

You may not. There is a tool that can measure this for you. You will want to know this because if there is moisture below the slab, it will prevent any garage floor coating from properly adhering to the surface. This will result in peeling or flaking of the coating and having to re-do it all over again. No one wants that!

How long do you plan to stay in the home?

If you are thinking less than 4 years, then polyaspartic floor coating may not be for you. Epoxy is cheap and won't last very long and if you only want to improve the appearance short-term (say because you are moving), well then epoxy might be the way to go for you.

How important is durability of the floor coating?

If this is high on your list, let's talk. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings won't peel or flake and they are chemical, abrasion and UV-resistant as well.

How important is the appearance of the floor to you?

Most people want to improve the look of their garage floor first before moving on to garage storage and organization options. Polyaspartic floor coating looks like polished granite and is just as tough.

Do you have some foundation showing in the garage?

This is what's called stemwall. And if you want that coated as well, that should be factored into the cost.

Do you have stairs that you want to match the floor coating?

It does look good!

Do you want the apron done as well?

This is the area that extends a little beyond your garage door when it is closed. Why not give the neighbors a hint of how beautiful the garage looks like on the inside?

Are you expecting to redo the floor again in a few years?

No one really says yes to this, but, again, if you are, that's what DIY epoxy is for.

Oh, and don't just take our word for it; listen to what our customers have to say:

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